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OP.DR. Neşe Stegemann


  • Neşe Stegemann 27.11.2015

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is physiotherapy helpful ?

    In the early srages of the disease physiotherapy certainly helps for a while, but it`s not a long-lasting solution....

  • I am afraid of the operation. How high is the risk?“

    Optimized surgical technique and anaesthesiology nowadays decrease the risk of surgery, most important your doctor`s specialization and experience in this field this will minimize the risk significantly. Your surgeon will clear up all your questions ...

  • When can I walk after the operation?

    You can stand up and walk one day after surgery with the assistance of a physiotherapist....

  • I `ve got back pain/ neck pain, analgetic medication no longer helps.

    Yes, in many cases chirotherapy helps. After a previous close exam your doctor will decide on the following suitable therapy, if necessary an x-ray or MR imaging will be organized to exclude acute disc prolaps or any kind of limiting bone disease....